MWC might be cancelled due to the coronavirus but many tech brands are going ahead with new product launches anyway. Sony is one of them and will simply be doing the live stream element for new Xperia smartphones.

Sony has already announced the budget friendly Xperia L4 but don’t worry, the event will be used to unveil more exciting handsets - more than likely, the flagship Xperia 2.

When is the Xperia 2 launch?

The date and time of Sony’s event hasn’t changed, so it will take place on 24 February at 7:30am GMT.

How do I watch the Xperia 2 live stream?

Once the video is available, we’ll embed it at the top of this page so just come back at the right time and enjoy the show.

What to expect

It’s no big surprise that Sony got the Xperia L4 announcement out of the way ahead of the event. It will want to leave more time to look at the more exciting phones.

Rumours suggest the Xperia 2 is the most likely device to make an appearance. This will be the follow-up to the Xperia 1 and is rumoured to get a 6.6in OLED screen, four rear cameras and support for 5G.

The Xperia 1 was announced at MWC 2019 so a successor arriving 12 months later would make total sense.

Sony also announced the Xperia 10 (and 10 Plus) at the same time so we could possibly get new versions of those mid-range options, too. If these support 5G as well, they will likely be some of the most affordable 5G phones on the market.

Less likely is an update to the Xperia 5, which was released at IFA in September 2019. Sony used to do 6-month refresh cycles but we think it’s too early for a new version of this model.

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