The OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro are among our favourite smartphones out right now. Indeed, the 7T is currently top of our best smartphones chart.

Despite being among the company’s most expensive releases to date, the Chinese company’s latest handsets still offer excellent value for money.

The devices provide nearly everything you could ask for in a phone, at a price which undercuts many flagships.

However, there has always been one premium feature the company have shied away from, which we’re going to talk about in this article.

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Do the devices have wireless charging?

In short, no. There is yet to be a OnePlus phone which natively supports wireless charging. The company prioritise a wired power source, with a 30W Warp Charge adaptor included in the box. In our testing of the 7T Pro, we managed to get a staggering 64% in just 30 minutes from off.

OnePlus is banking on people valuing a quick top-up over the convenience of being cable-free.

What if I really want wireless charging?

For some people, that’s not good enough. Wireless charging has been around for a number of years, and charging pads are popping up at an increasing number of public places.

Fortunately, you do have a workaround solution, and this doesn’t involve modifying the internals of the device. Sticking an external receiver to your phone will add support for the Qi standard.

This works by the receiver passing the charge through the cable and into the charging port, so your phone will still recognise it as a normal wired connection.

These are relatively inexpensive, and we recommend the Nillkin Type C receiver, which you can buy on Amazon for just £10.99 (US$12.99).

how to add wireless charging to oneplus 7

Any external receiver that plugs into a USB-C port should work fine, but make sure the cable is long enough to stretch!

You can then hide the unsightly pad with a case, provided that supports wireless charging too. We’ve rounded up the best cases on the market, but you may have to enquire to see if they support wireless charging.

If a wireless charging pad is what you’re looking for, check out the best options here. Even with both of these bits of kit, this still represents an affordable way to add key functionality to your device. 

This solution does mean that you have to unplug the receiver when you want to switch back to wired charging, but if you’re set on wireless charging this shouldn’t be an issue. However, do note that charging speeds will be much slower, so this is for convenience above anything else.