The Snapdragon Summit is here, and all eyes are on Qualcomm as it launches its next flagship smartphone chipset: the Snapdragon 888.

While the Snapdragon Summit is normally held in Hawaii every December, this year the event has of course gone virtual. Still, that doesn’t change things at all if you’re sitting at home and simply want to watch the announcement of the new processor live.

If you’re tempted to tune in, here’s how.

When is the Snapdragon Summit?

The Snapdragon Summit runs for two days, 1 & 2 December.

The livestream began with a keynote from Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon where the Snapdragon 888 was announced, but this was limited to confirmation of the chipset’s name and a tease of a few features.

If you want all the technical details, you’ll have to tune in at 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm GMT on 2 December for the deep dive session, which is when we'll get the full specs and benchmarks for the Snapdragon 888.

How to watch the Snapdragon 888 specs deep dive

If you want to tune in live, the easiest thing is just to watch on YouTube right here. You can also get more details about the event from Qualcomm’s official site.

What to expect from the Snapdragon Summit

The headline news is the launch of the latest 800-series Snapdragon flagship, the Snapdragon 888.

On day one Qualcomm announced the chip’s name and teased a few details, along with inviting some partner companies onto the virtual stage - teasing which upcoming phones will be powered by the chipset, including the Xiaomi Mi 11.

Last year the Snapdragon 865 was joined by the mid-range 765 and 765G, so it’s also possible that we’ll see Qualcomm announce the 775 or 788 this week, though it’s just as likely that the company will want to keep the focus solely on the upcoming flagship.