Huawei was one of only a handful of companies who didn't pull out of MWC prior to the GSMA's decision to cancel. As such, it's perhaps of little surprise that it will still be holding an event in Barcelona. While there may not be many people in attendance, millions of people will still be able to watch the live stream around the world. 

When is the Huawei event?

Huawei is sticking with its original plans for MWC, so the date and time are unchanged. That means it will kick off on 24 February at 1pm (13:00)

How do I watch the Huawei event live stream?

That's an easy one. The live stream video is embedded at the top of this page, so come back closer to the event to watch as it's being broadcast.

What to expect

Many of the rumours point to Huawei unveiling a new foldable phone, which would be a successor to the Mate X

While that device has never made its way to the UK, there looks to be big plans for what we think will be called the Mate Xs.

Like many companies in 2020, expect Huawei to add 5G functionality to many of its phones. 

It's probably too early to expect the P40, as Huawei typically launches its flagship a few weeks after MWC. 

Therefore, we're more likely to see updates to the company's more affordable phones. The Psmart and Nova lines could see upgrades, but expect the majority of the focus will be on the foldable. 

It's worth mentioning again that no Huawei devices are expected to have Google Play services in 2020. The company will therefore have to work extra hard to convince consumers in Europe to buy its devices.

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Huawei sub-brand Honor will also be holding an event on the same day. Here's how to watch the View 30 launch live stream

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