In a month full of launch events, Nokia has a wave of new smartphones on the way. This is when and how you can watch the live stream, plus what to expect.

When is the Nokia event?

HMD, the firm behind the Nokia brand these days, has announced that its next event will take place on 22 September at 4pm BST.

The firm says “Join us as we unveil a new chapter for Nokia phones with a very special guest!”

Nokia launch invite

How to watch the Nokia live stream

When the live stream is available, we’ll embed it at the top of this page. So just come back on the day and enjoy the show.

What will Nokia launch?

In all honesty, we have no idea who that special guest will be, but it’s expected that HMD will unveil the Nokia 8.3 5G (top image).

Well, unveil is the wrong word because it was actually announced way back in March but such has been this year, that it hasn’t been released. So that phone will sort of be getting a second launch.

Update: HMD has launched the Nokia 8.3 5G just hours before the launch event.

Let's not forget that there’s also the range of Nokia Classic phones such as the 3310 5G so we could see another blast from the past get a modern reinvention.

It’s also possible, since there are Nokia accessories such as the Nokia Active Wireless Earphones, that we could see some new headphones. After all, wireless earbuds are all the rage right now and every brand is trying to get a slice of that pie.

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