Apple has launched its new short video creation app Clips to take on the likes of Snapchat and Instagram. At the moment it’s just for users of iPhones and iPads, but that doesn’t mean that with friends and family on Android devices have to miss out on all the fun. We show you how to share Apple Clips with Android users.

What is Apple Clips?

This new app allows users to record short videos, insert still images, add text and voice overs, all easily and with surprisingly cool results. Once you’re done you can share these on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and other messaging platforms.

It’s very similar in feel and approach to Snapchat (as you can see from the comparison guide Clips Vs Snapchat our sister site Macworld has already put together) as well as both Instagram and Facebook Stories.

For a more detailed look read Macworld's How to use Apple Clips feature.

Sharing Apple Clips with Android users

If you’ve created a Clip that you want to share then it’s easy to get it out into the world. Clips doesn’t have its own social media platform in the way that Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook do, so it’s designed to post to all of these sites and more.

Using email

Open the Clip you want to share then tap the icon in the bottom right corner that looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of the top. This will open a menu from which you can choose how to send the Clip.

One of the best ways to share with Android users is via the Mail option. Tap this and the Mail app will open automatically with the Clip file already attached. Now you just need to enter the address of your recipient, add a subject line, and tap the Send button in the top right corner.

How to share Apple Clips with Android

The video is in a .mov format so it should be easy for your Android wielding chums to open the email, tap the Clip, and watch your creation unfurl before them.

Using Messages

Messages is the Apple default text app, but as you’d expect it’s also able to send items to Android phones. In the same way that’s described above for sending an email, open the share menu and then select Messages. Enter the number of the Android phone, add a quick message, then tap Send.

Using WhatsApp

One of the most popular cross-platform messaging apps in WhatsApp. This makes it a fine candidate for sharing Clips to your Android brethren.  Simply open the share menu as stated above, tap Import with WhatsApp, then select a recipient from your contacts and tap Send.

You can also choose multiple people if you want to spread your Clip around your friends, just keep tapping them until you’re happy with the list and then tap Send.

how to share apple clips with android

Next you’ll see your video ready to go, but with the option to add a few flourishes such as text or emojis, and at the bottom is the Add a Caption box. Type a message in here if you like, then when you’re done tap the blue circle with a paper plane inside to send the Clip.

Using Google Drive

If you want to backup the file and make it easy to share from not just your iPhone but also your PC, Mac, or Android phone, then sending it to your Google Drive storage is a great idea.

To do this open the Clip, tap the Share button, then scroll the top list of options to the left until you see Copy to Drive.

Tap this and you’ll see the Drive app open and then be asked to confirm that you want to save your Clip here? Affirm this and it will be uploaded to your Drive account.

how to share apple clips with android

Now you can attach it to emails or send a link to your friends by locating it in your drive folder, tapping the three dots to the right of its name, then either opting to Send a Copy, Get Link, or Add People who can access it online.

So there you go, several ways to bring Android users in on your Apple Clips fun. Isn’t life that little bit better when we share, no matter what badge we wear?