Moving all your data over onto a new phone is always a challenge. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you could just easily transfer your apps? Let us show you how.

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How to move apps to a new phone:

  • Make sure you’re signed in to your Google account on your old phone. You’ll be able to double check this under your settings, and then into accounts.
  • Next, find your phone’s Backup settings. This will vary slightly from phone to phone, but will usually be found under the general settings tab.
  • Once you have found your way there, there will be a “Back up my data” option or similar. This will make sure that everything personal about your phone such as apps, passwords and settings are uploaded to Google’s servers.
  • When you start up your new phone, download the google drive app and sign in with your Google credentials. From there, you can navigate to your options and saved Backups, find the most recent one with the name of your old phone and apply it.

  • Google Drive will then download this back up, and apply it to your phone.
  • All of your selected settings and apps will appear, and it will be like you never left home.

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