LG G3 headphones

We outline five fixes and workarounds for issues with the LG G3's headphones socket. Volume dropping out when using your LG G3 with headphones? You have come to the right place. Here's how to fix LG G3 headphones problems. See also: Best phones of 2015.

I recently upgraded to an LG G3 and I couldn't be happier. It's a great smartphone. But for a few days there was one niggling issue that - it transpires - has been reported by many users. Briefly: whenever I was listening to audio via the headphones or an aux cable, the volume controls would kick in and continually reduce the volume until I could hear nothing but silence.

It was massively irritating. Even if I kept my finger on the hardware volume up button I would see the onscreen audio display dragging down the noise. I could force the volume back up by swiping rightwards on the onscreen control, but the split second I removed my digit the volume would drop away. And if that is annoying when walking along the street, on a treadmill it drove me to distraction.

I gleaned the following tips, fixes and workarounds by contacting LG's support, and hunting around on user forums. None is guaranteed to fix the problem, although with luck my LG G3 seems to be back to its best, and I used only tips 1 and 3. Do let us know in the comments below if you have endured a similar problem, and especially if you know of any additional fixes. These fixes should all help with most headphones problems encountered with the LG G3. See also: What's the fastest smartphone of 2014: processor, web and graphics performance comparison.

5 fixes and workarounds for LG G3 headphones issue

1. LG G3 headphones fix: Try different wired headphones

I don't understand why this would help, but I saw it suggested on several user forums. And, glory be, it seemed to fix the problem for me. Somewhat counterintuitively I first encountered the volume dropping issue when using the bundled LG headphones, and popping in an old pair of iPhone earbuds seemed to resolve things. (And subsequently the LG earphones are now working fine. Weird.)

It's possible that switching leads dislodged a bit of grit or something because one of the things LG suggested was...

2. LG G3 headphones fix: Use compressed air to clean out the 3.5mm jack

To be fair, the support operative said this wasn't a guaranteed fix by any means, but they did say it might help. And I did follow the advice, and now my headphone jack is behaving. So make of this what you will.

The suggestion was that there may be a problem with the audio jack's connection, and that could be caused by a little bit of dust. A quick squirt with compressed air would then dislode such grit. (You could just blow in the hole but I wouldn't recommend that as you could end up clogging things up with your own hot and moist breath. True story.)

3. LG G3 headphones fix: Factory reset

One other thing to try, as recommended by LG. Simply factory reset your phone. Go to Settings > General, and then Backup & Reset. Scroll down to the bottom and select 'Factory Data Reset'. I tend to think this is the equivalent of switching it off and switching it on again, but if there is a software bug it may help.

For the record, I ignored this advice. I would have done it only if the other fixes didn't work, and principally so that I could return my phone as faulty with a clear conscience. But for belt and braces it is worth doing what you are told.

Now let's move on to some workarounds for if you just can't solve the issue.  

4. LG G3 headphones fix: Use Bluetooth headphones

Obvious, and far from a perfect solution, but it will allow you to use headphones with your LG G3. Simply purchase a pair of Bluetooth headphones, pair them, and use them.

5. LG G3 headphones fix: Install a volume control app

Another workaround rather than a fix, and one that we have seen reports of working only moderately well. But you could install one of the many Android volume-control apps, and set a minimum volume that is actually the volume you require all the time. It won't be a perfect experience - we have yet to find an app that will reset the volume more frequently than every second. So at worst you will hear disjointed audio, and your battery will take a beating.