When it’s time to say goodbye to your old phone, it may still be able to give you a little parting gift. There are many different ways to turn your old phone into cash, and while some may give you more than others, knowing your phone has been moved on responsibly is always important.

Sell your old phone on eBay


The old favourite and usually the way of securing the best price. Ebay’s phone market is always buzzing so you can be sure your phone listing will get good exposure. Between Paypal and Ebay, the payment system is very robust so you won’t need to worry about legitimacy concerns when you’re selling too. 

However, Ebay does come with a few drawbacks when it comes to the price. You’ll have to pay their auction fees, which will take some money off the top of your sale. You’re also not going to be sure of the price you receive, due to the nature of the auction system.

Use a phone recycling service that pays

One of the most simple and efficient ways to sell your old phone is through a recycling service, the most commonly known ones being Mazuma and Envirophone. The process to send your phone to them is very easy, and you’ll get a decent price for your mobile – as well as knowing that it’s been passed on to another person, or disposed of in an environmental fashion.

The down side with this method could be the price, as you may not be getting quite as much compared to Ebay or a private seller. However, due to how easy it is to use this service, along with how friendly it is to the environment – that could be enough of a reason for people to accept slightly less money.

Find a private buyer for your old device

Perhaps the way to get the best price is to sell it to someone privately. If you’ve kept the original packaging and chords that will almost certainly help the price here. If you know the person too, there will always be that extra layer of trust when selling which in turn, could mean someone is willing to pay that little bit extra.

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