As usual, the latest Galaxy Note 10 phones come with an upgraded S Pen and this means some new features. The main one is Air Actions and here's what it can do and how to use it.

Although most S Pen features require touching the screen – it is a stylus after all – Samsung has added another wireless trick following the Note 9 which can use the S Pen as a remote trigger for the camera, presentations and the like.

Air Actions means you can wave the S Pen in the, well, air like a wizard's wand. With nothing on-screen to tell you what to do – at least on our hands-on sample - it might be a little confusing but we'll explain.

The feature can only be used in certain apps at the moment such as the camera. Samsung said this will also work for viewing media and an open SDK means developers can also make use of it.

With a compatible app open, you simply need to press and hold the S Pen's button followed by the correct gesture.

Swiping left or right in the camera app changes the mode and swiping up or down swaps between front and rear cameras. It's a bit trickier but you can also do a circular motion to zoom in or out – clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Check out the video above for a demonstration. We're excited to see what else Air Actions can do in the future, possibly even with games.