Change iPhone App Store to UK

What do you do if the App Store on your iPhone thinks you are in a different country? We show you how to change the App Store on your iPhone to the UK. It's really easy when you know how. This works on all iPhones including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

It's a surprisingly common complaint - your iPhone thinks that you are in the US, and you need to tell it that you are in the UK in order that you see UK-specific apps at UK prices. The problem is where Apple thinks your personal Apple ID is based. And the solution is to change the details of your Apple ID account.

First hit the Settings app on your iPhone's home screen. It's the one that looks like the inside of a clock. Now select the entry for 'iTunes & App Stores' (it's in the picture above). The first thing you'll see at the top of the screen is your Apple ID (also above). Tap that. Now a pop-up dialog box appears (pictured above). Choose 'View Apple iD', and enter your password.

Change iPhone App Store to UK: Account Settings

When you are signed in you'll see the 'Account Settings' screen. Choose the 'Country/Region' option, and simply select the location with which you want your ID to be associated (pictured below). You'll need to be able to pay for things in the country you have chosen. But hey, you are in the UK and you want your iPhone to recognise that, so all is good.

That's it. I'm sure you'll agree it is a very simple thing to do. Changing your iPad App Store to the UK is exactly the same process. Now read all of our smartphone guides to get more from your Android or iPhone.

Change iPhone App Store to UK