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Groups are lists of contacts in Windows Phone 8. They allow you to send a message or place a call to a specific group of people. Your colleagues, perhaps, or a particular group of friends. As such Groups are very useful and important. Here we show you how to add a new contact to an existing group.

And what happens if one of your colleagues leaves and goes to a rival company? Here we explain the simple process of removing a specific contact from a Group in Windows Phone 8. In doing so we explain how to delete or rename a Group. Finally, below we explain how to create a Group in the first place.

How to add a contact to a Group in Windows Phone 8

In Windows Phone 8 lists of contacts are known as Groups. Here we'll show you how to add a contact to a Group

Open up the Start menu, and tap the People Tile.

Scroll to All, and then find and tap the Group you want to edit. Tap Edit. (Here you can also delete a Group, remove someone from a Group, or rename a Group.)

To add a someone to your chosen Group, simply hit:  Add a contact to add someone to the Group.

You'll see the various communication options depending on how you're connected to each contact. For example, if a contact has an email but no phone number you'll be able to include them in a group email but not a conference call.

Finally press the Back button button to save your changes.

How to creat a Group contacts list in Windows Phone 8

Go to Start and tap the People tile.

Flick to All, then tap New.

Tap New Group.

Type a name for your Group, then tap Add a contact. Tap a contact name to add it to the Group, then tap Save. You are done! See also: What's the best Windows Phone you can buy?