If you have a big event coming up, such as a wedding or significant anniversary, then you can use a free service from John Lewis to create a list of items that people can buy to commemorate the occasion.

We explain how to go about setting up a Wish List.

What is a John Lewis Wish List?

This is the service that replaces the Gift List that John Lewis offered for a number of years and which many people used for their wedding lists.

Wish List operates on a very similar principle in that you create a list, fill it with products you want, then share the list with friends and family who can buy the items and have them delivered to you. Once a product has been bought, it’s removed from the list, so you don’t end up with multiples of the same thing.

The service is free, only requiring a John Lewis account to get things started.

How to set up a John Lewis Wish List: Main Page

How to create a John Lewis Wish List

Putting together your wish list is easy. First, go to the John Lewis website or download the John Lewis & Partners app for Android or iOS.

Create a new account or log into your existing one, then click on the account icon and select Wish list from the menu that appears.

How to set up a John Lewis Wish List: Starting the list

On the next page, click the Create a new wish list button and give it a name and click Save

How to set up a John Lewis Wish List: Creating a list

This will return you to the main Wish List page, where you should now see your newly named list.

How to set up a John Lewis Wish List: List of lists

You can have a maximum of five wish lists at any one point, but obviously once you’ve finished one you can delete it and make space for another.

How to add items to a John Lewis Wish List

So, you’ve created your list and now it’s time to start adding products. There are two ways to do this, either online or in-store. For the former, click on the list then select the Start shopping button.  

How to set up a John Lewis Wish List : Starting your shop

You’ll be taken to the general John Lewis site, where you can look around and find items that you desire. You’ll notice now that on the listing of all products there is an Add to wish list option under the Add to your basket button. Click the former and the item will automatically be placed in the wish list you’ve set up.

How to set up a John Lewis Wish List: Adding Items

If you’re in the physical John Lewis store you can also use the app to scan the bar codes of items and add them to your list.

How to edit your John Lewis Wish List

If you’ve added an item to the list but either you end up buying it yourself or decide that you no longer need want that product, removing it is very simple. Go back to your list and you’ll see all of the items listed, along with images. In the top right corner of the image you’ll see a X. Just click this and the item will be deleted from the list.

How to set up a John Lewis Wish List: Editing the list

How to share your John Lewis Wish List

When you’re happy with your selections, you’ll want to allow people to actually see the list so they can buy some of the things for you. To do this, go to your list and you’ll see that just above all the products there’s a Share list button.

How to set up a John Lewis Wish List: Sharing

Click this, enable List sharing, copy the link, then email or message it to all those you hope will be generous in their shopping habits.

How to set up a John Lewis Wish List: Link

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