Once every four years the world’s finest living athletes descend onto a Paralympic village to amaze us all with feats of greatness, all in the name of sporting immortality. Few achieve it, but for those that do, the whole world is watching.

But how can I watch it all, I hear you cry/tweet. Well, it’s pretty easy actually. Plus Rio, Brazil is only four hours behind the UK, so you won’t have to stay up too late to see Team GB's heroics.

How to watch the Paralympics Opening Ceremony live stream: When do the Rio 2016 Paralympics start? 

The 2016 Paralympics Games starts on 7 September and runs until 18 September. 

Coverage of the opening ceremony of the Paralympics starts at 9pm BST on Channel 4 in the UK, and runs until 1.30am. 

It will certainly have a lot to live up to - the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016Paralympics was pretty bombastic.

How to watch theParalympics live stream: Where to watch the Paralympics in the UK online

Channel 4

Channel 4 has the rights to broadcast the Paralympics in the UK, so don't go looking on the BBC, Sky, BT Sport or ITV.

So, obviously, just switch on the telly.

You can also check out Channel 4's official coverage website here

All 4 (online and on demand)

You can also stream the Paralympics live on Channel 4's on demand service All 4. 

Click here to stream the Paralympics live on Channel 4

You can also use All 4 to catch up with Channel 4's coverage and highlights programmes. 

Click here to watch Channel 4's Paralympics coverage on demand

How to watch the Paralympics outside the UK using a VPN

If you want to watch the Rio 2016 Paralympics from outside the UK then you may want to use a VPN service. If you're keen to watch using UK services, then you'll need to use a VPN (virtual private network) like Nord VPN to 'browse from the UK'.

Also check out our best VPN services chart.

How to watch the Paralympics on phone or tablet: How to stream the Paralympics on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, PCs, laptop

If you’re away from the telly it’s easy to stream the action on your portable tech of choice. There are a few options, but it’s best to download the excellent, free All 4 app on to your device and then use that to watch BBC One or BBC Four live. Alternatively, the app will also store a plethora of catch-up and on-demand highlights programmes for you to enjoy.

Click here to download All 4 app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) 

Click here to download All 4 app for Android devices (smartphones and tablets) 

Click here to download All 4 app for Windows Phones (also for Windows tablets) 

And of course, you can simply visit the All 4 website on your PC, Mac or laptop to watch it all too – just click here