If you've been using the web for more than a couple of years, you've probably got several webmail accounts.

For example, I've got three. There's the Hotmail account I created 12 years ago, a Yahoo address which followed a year or so later and then of course's there's a Gmail account. Remembering to regularly check all of these email addresses is certainly a pain. But I'm reluctant to close them down as occasionally old friends and contacts email me through them. However, Gmail allows users to configure the webmail service to check other accounts, providing they're POP accounts. Here's how.

Step one
Log in to your Gmail account. Then select the Settings option from the top right-hand corner.

Step two
Select the Accounts and import tab then press the Add a POP3 email account from the section labelled Check mail using POP3.

Step three
Enter the email address you want to check and then press Next step.

Step four
Now you'll be required to enter your password for the account. Gmail will suggest the POP server and the port. You can also elect to leave a copy of the message on the server for the webmail service, as well as how you want to label the incoming messages. When completed, press Add account.

Step five
Now, you'll be given the option to send mail from your Gmail account under the email address you just set up to check To do this press Yes and follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, press No and then Finish.

Step six
Gmail will now check this account and import in any messages existing in the inbox. Under the Account and import tab, Gmail will tell you how many minutes ago the email account was checked and if there are any messages.