If you've not yet watched the latest episode or the season six finale of Game of Thrones (GoT), you'll most likely want to stay clear of any spoilers. Here are a few tips to protect you from having the plot completely ruined. Don't worry, we won't reveal any spoilers in this article! Read next: Best web browser 2016

How to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers: Block spoilers in your social feed

There are a few extensions you can use for your browser to block spoilers automatically from your social feed. As you're often going to have someone spoil the fun with them sharing their thoughts or emotions on social media.

Spoiler Shield is a dedicated extension for Google Chrome that hides posts that contain spoilers. If you still want to read someone's post, you can always do so by revealing the post hidden underneath the Spoiler Shield.

Game of Thrones - Spoiler Shield

To install the extension you'll need to have Google Chrome installed and then you'll be able to add the extension to your browser through the chrome web store.

All you have to do is press the Add to Chrome button and it will automatically add itself to your Google Chrome browser.

Spoiler Shield is also available on Android and iOS as a dedicated app, so if you are worried about spoilers being ruined whilst you scroll through your news feed on mobile, Spoiler Shield can also help.

We don't see Spoiler Shield blocking out absolutely everything, but it generally does a great job. Read on for a few more tips.

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How to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers: Tips and tricks to avoid spoilers

Here are a few tips we think will help you avoid spoilers, some are a little more radical than the others.

Use the mute function on Twitter

Game of Thrones - Twitter

If you use Twitter on a regular basis, we suggest muting the hashtags and mentions you think will give away a spoiler and if there are people you follow, it might be worth muting them for a few days, just in case they reveal something you wouldn't like to read.

Try to avoid popular gossip sites

Game of Thrones - News

You're bound to accidentally read a headline and mistakenly have something revealed to you. Often journalists will try to mask any spoilers, but others will not think about the huge spoilers they could reveal by a mere title. If you try to avoid the main news sites and gossip magazines, then you'll most likely be safe from any spoilers. Furthermore, look out for 'spoiler alerts' which suggest there's something in the article that will give away the plot.

Try watching the latest episodes

This option is pretty self-explanatory, but if you catch up, then you'll never miss anything. Unfortunately not all of us have the time and ability to watch the latest episode as soon as it comes out, but if you're able to have a catch-up session, then you'll be in the know and will have nothing to worry about.

Stay off social media

This is a little extreme and can be hard to achieve for a set amount of time, but if you are really worried about spoilers, then you should stay off social media. You'll most likely find leaks and spoilers distributed through social media, so it's always good to avoid them.

Switch off the internet, go into aeroplane mode

Hibernate might be another word to use, but if you are super paranoid, switch everything off, stay offline and you'll be safe, but you know nothing Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones - Internet