In Google Chrome you can mute individual tabs, a useful feature that's available at your disposal. You will also see a handy speaker icon, indicating if audio is playing.

This handy feature is great if you only have a few tabs open, but if you have multiple tabs open at the same time muting each individual tab can be tiresome - the free Silent Site Sound Blocker extension solves this and also makes it easier to manage sites that are a nuisance. See all internet tutorials.

How to stop autoplaying audio in Chrome: Get the Silent Site Sound Blocker extension

First you will need to grab the free extension from the Chrome web store and add it to your Chrome browser.

How to stop autoplaying audio in Chrome icon

Once added, you'll see a yellow speaker at the top right-hand side of your browser window. If you right-click on the icon, you'll be presented with several options:

  • Whitelist site
  • Blacklist site
  • Allow this time only
  • Mode (where you can choose when audio should play)
  • Help/FAQ
  • Option (opens a new Options tab)

Within the extension's options you will be able to toggle through settings and decide when audio should play - you can also add websites directly to your white or black list.

How to stop autoplaying audio in Chrome options

The extension works flawlessly on all open tabs and windows (as long as you're logged into the account where you added the extension). It also is a great way to manage websites that cause you nuisance.

if for any reason the extension doesn't work, type (or copy and paste) 'chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting' into your address bar - thanks to our colleagues in the US at PCWorld for the tip. Also see: How to stop autoplaying ads, videos and media on web pages and How to turn off Netflix autoplay