Putting together a wedding list can be a challenge. Does the store you want to use have all the products that will help you start your new lives together? Is it easy for people to access and are the prices competitive? Well, one places where all these questions get a definite yes is Amazon, so you’ll be glad to know that it now offers the service. Here’s how to set up a wedding list on Amazon.

What is the Amazon Wedding List?

Just like with the classic high-street shops, the Amazon Wedding List allows you to put together a wish-list of gifts you’d like your family and friends to buy you, each of which is removed once it’s been purchased, so you don’t end up with ten toasters and no cutlery. It’s publicly available on the Amazon site, so people can easily find it and buy you something for your special day, plus you can send a link that will take people directly to the list.

How to set up an Amazon Wedding List: Main Screen

How to create an Amazon Wedding List

Setting up your wedding list on Amazon is very easy. Open your browser and go to the Amazon wedding list page. Alternatively, you can go to your account and click on Wish List then select Wedding List from the options that appear.

Click the Create Your Wedding List option then enter the details of yourself and your partner, the address you want gifts sent to, plus various other options including the date of your wedding and any special messages you’d like your guests to see.

How to set up an Amazon Wedding List: Filing out the form

When you’re happy with everything on this page, click the Create my wedding list button.

How to add items to your Amazon Wedding List

Now you’re ready to start adding items to the list. At the top of the page you’ll see your names, how many days until the big day, plus a tally of the gifts on the list that have been bought so far and how many are remaining.

Amazon has a few ‘featured collections’ that contain popular brands and items that have proven popular with other couples, and you can check out the collections by clicking on the links.

How to set up an Amazon Wedding List: Categories

You can also select the Categories option along the top of the screen which opens up another selection of popular products related to dining, cookware, home accessories and others.

Of course, you’re not limited to these selections, as you can peruse the entirety of Amazon’s virtual aisles and add whatever you want. So, if you think that your new union would be mightily blessed by the addition of an EQD Plumes overdrive guitar pedal, then search for it and you’ll see the option to Add to Wedding List.

How to set up an Amazon Wedding List: Adding items

How to edit your Amazon Wedding List

Once you’ve added some items to your list, you may decide that you don’t actually want them (especially that guitar pedal). To remove anything, go back to the Amazon site, move the mouse cursor over Account & Lists then select Wedding List from the menu that appears.  

How to set up an Amazon Wedding List: Editing items

Click on the Your Wedding List option at the top of the next page, then you’ll see all of the item currently in your list. Hover the cursor over the one you want to remove and you’ll see the Edit details button appear.

How to set up an Amazon Wedding List: Finding item to remove

Click this then select the Remove from wedding list option.

How to set up an Amazon Wedding List: Removing items

How to share your Amazon Wedding List

With all of your desired gifts assembled, it’s time to share the list with the world. To do this, go to your list and in the left-hand column you’ll see the Share Your Wedding List option. Click this and you’ll be taken to a new page that contains the link to your list.

How to set up and Amazon Wedding List: Sharing the link

Simply copy and paste this into an email and share it with your family and friends. That’s it, you’re good to go. Now you just have to look forward to the big day. We hope it’s wonderful!

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