The arrival a baby into your family is always a huge event. Naturally, friends and family will want to bless you with gifts for the little one but knowing what to get and the risk of someone already buying it can make things a little stressful.

Amazon now offers a Baby Wishlist service where you can pick the items you want and share the list with anyone you like.

What is an Amazon Baby Wishlist?

It's a free feature that lets you create and manage a shopping list for people who want to buy you items to celebrate the arrival of your newborn.

Alongside the standard wishlist features you may be familiar with on the site, such as adding/removing items and sharing the list with your friends, the Baby Wishlist has some extra options, such as a free welcome gift and discounts when people spend over certain thresholds.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist

To set up a Baby Wishlist you’ll need an Amazon account. You can create one by going to the Amazon website and signing up. With that done, log into your account and click the Account & Lists menu (in a desktop web browser) then select Baby Wishlist from the drop-down menu.

If you don't see this option, use the following link to go directly to the Baby Wishlist section of the Amazon site.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Navigating the site

When you reach the Baby Wishlist page you’ll see the Get Started button in the middle of the screen. So, click that and you can begin.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Getting started

After entering the expected arrival date and the address where you want the goods delivered, click Create my Baby Wishlist.

You’ll now see the main page for your Baby Wishlist, with a range of options displayed across the top of the screen which include Your Wishlist, Checklist, Add Items and others.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Main page

Scrolling down reveals a variety of products that have proven popular with expecting parents. There’s also various guides and idea articles that can help you think about what you may want on your list.

Returning to the top of the page, clicking on Checklist is another very helpful way to see all the products people usually buy and the areas they cover. So, for example, you’ll find carriers, car seats, bottles, highchairs, changing mats and all the other essential items that you won’t want to forget.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Checklist

Once you’ve looked through all these tips, you can start adding products to your list. Amazon will recommend items in each category and if you like the idea, just click the Add to Baby Wishlist button that appears under each image.

Of course, you’re not limited to these items, so feel free to explore the entire Amazon site to find items that catch your eye or have maybe been recommended by friends. You’ll notice that on all of the product pages there is now the option to Add to Baby Wishlist a little way under the Buy Now button.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Adding items

How to edit an Amazon Baby Wishlist

Should you want to remove any items added to the list, it’s a simple process. Just go to your list by returning to the main Baby Wishlist page and selecting Your Wishlist from the top row of options.

You’ll see all of the items currently in your list, and by each one is the Edit button just underneath the Add to basket button.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Editing list

Click Edit then choose the Remove from wishlist option that appears on the next page.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Removing items

How to share your Amazon Baby Wishlist

When you have all the things you think you’ll need on the list, you’ll want to share it with your family and friends so they can purchase them. To do this, select the Settings option from the main Baby Wishlist page.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Settings

Scroll down until you find the Wishlist Privacy section and you’ll see that it defaults to the Just me for now option. Change this to either Public or Only people with the link (depending on your preference) and click the Save Changes button.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Privacy levels

When you return to the Your Wishlist section now you should have the ability to share the list with friends. It's not obvious how to do so though, but just scroll down past the recommended products and various guides until you see the Time to let them know? box. 

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Sharing

Click this and the link will appear. Copy and paste this into an email or use the social media buttons below to share with your friends. Then they’ll be able to get busy buying your presents.

How to set up an Amazon Baby Wishlist: Sharing the link

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