Instagram is a fantastic place to find inspiring images and photos, however it’s not quite as easy as we’d like to download them. We’re going to talk you through how you can safely download pictures from Instagram using the best third party websites and apps.

If you're keen to learn how to use Instagram then have a look at our guide here.

We’re going to use Downloadgram for desktops, Instaget for iPhone and BatchSave on Android. Lets get started.

Download Instragram photos using ‘DownloadGram’ for Desktop

  • Make your way to the DownloadGram website.

Download Instagram photos on your desktop

  • Open a new tab in your browser and fire up Instagram, and log yourself in.
  • Find the picture that you wish to download. Once you have it, go to the post that features the picture (click on the button with three dots, and hit ‘Go to post’.)
  • Once you’re there, copy the URL.
  • Head back into your DownloadGram tab, paste the URL into the bar and hit ‘Download’.
  • When prompted, hit the ‘Download Image’ button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Download Instagram photos on iPhone with Instaget

  • Head into the App Store and search for InstaGet app, and download it onto your device.

Instaget for iPhone

  • Open up InstaGet and log into your Instagram account.
  • Tap the button with three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen, hit search and go to the account that owns the picture you wish to download.
  • Tap the users account in the search results, this will open up their Instagram page.
  • Find the image that you want to download and tap the download arrow.

Download Instagram photos on Android using BatchSave

  • Download BatchSave on the Google Play Store.

BatchSave for Android

  • Open it up and skip the tutorial.
  • Log into Instagram, and tap the search icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the “Search for Users” text box, enter a username and then tap the user’s profile.
  • Scroll through the account page until you find the photo that you wish to download, then tap the download arrow. It will then appear in your photo gallery.

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