If you've ordered or sent something and it's being delivered by myHermes, what can you do if the parcel doesn’t arrive. Or worse, what if you’re told it was delivered when it most definitely wasn’t?

The truth is that it's extremely difficult to speak to a human at Hermes parcels. The support system is automated and it's almost impossible to get through the bots and to a human. However, it is possible to get updates and information from the robots, including updates that aren't necessarily available on the Hermes website.

Before you go any further, note that if your parcel was outsourced to Hermes from another provider - such as Packlink, which is used for a lot of ebay deliveries - you'll need to contact Packlink or whoever you actually paid for the service. You should have both a reference number for Hermes as well as the company that arranged the delivery.

Using the Hermes website

The first port of call should be the Hermes website. Here you’ll see the option to Track at the top of the page. Click this and you’ll be able to enter the parcel number (which should be in the email telling you the parcel is on its way if you're the receiver as opposed to the sender).

If all goes well, this will then tell you where the package currently resides and how long it should be until it arrives.

How to contact Hermes: Hermes website

If this doesn’t answer your query, you can talk to Holly, Hermes’ digital chat assistant on the Help page. First, click through the options depending upon your issue.

Then, when you see the button, click Start Chat. This is an automated service, so you won’t get to speak to a real person (sorry Holly), but it can still give you details about missing parcels or phantom deliveries.

Remember you’ll need your parcel number to hand. Though there is the option 'No, I don't have a tracking number', it will simply tell you that you'll get no help without one.

Also note that there are different numbers. There's a 16-digit tracking number, an 8-digit calling card number and an 8-digit receipt number (relevant only for parcel senders).

How to contact Hermes: Digital Assistant

Can I talk to a real person at Hermes parcels?

Sometimes you just want to speak to someone to explain the situation, which isn’t possible via a chat bot automated phone service. Maybe you sent a parcel and the person receiving it says it hasn't arrived and the tracking shows it simply hasn't moved anywhere for days and days.

This is undoubtedly where you started searching on Hermes website (or Google) to try and figure out how to speak to a human about it.

The reason it's so difficult to talk to anyone is because the company doesn't want you to. It doesn't give out its customer service helpdesk phone number, which we think is a bad way to conduct business, but the number you need is 0330 808 5456. This was working at the time of writing.

Initially the call is handled by an automated system (yes, another robot) and often if it thinks that it has given you all the available information, it will just end the call. We tried various routes through this system and failed to speak to anyone, but support agents do apparently work from 8.30am until 4pm on weekdays and until 2pm on Saturdays. This information is no longer on a public-facing page of Hermes' website, though.

The number is for help when sending parcels rather than receiving them, but at least it gets you through to the company itself and hopefully you can talk your way to the relevant department from there.

Other ways to contact Hermes

If you’re having no joy with any of the options above, which wouldn't surprise us, you can always posting public messages on its social media channels.