Amazon is unquestionably one of the most popular places people shop online, but as with every service, occasionally you’ll need to talk to someone about a problem or to find out where one of your orders has gone.

This is how to contact a customer service representative to discuss an issue.

How to use the Live Chat feature on Amazon UK

Perhaps the easiest way to contact Amazon is via the Live Chat feature on the site. This allows you to have a conversation with someone without needing to call customer service and talk to a person.

It can be a very useful route, as you’re invariably on your device, which can provide any details required by the Live Chat agent to help resolve your issue.

To access the Live Chat feature, go to the Contact Us page and click the Start chatting now button.

You can also access this by clicking on the 'All' menu at the top-left corner of an Amazon web page.

How to contact Amazon UK: Start Chatting

You should be connected to an agent immediately, who will hopefully be able to assist you with the problem.

How to talk to Amazon UK Customer services on the phone

If you prefer to speak to a person on the phone, then that’s also an option. In fact, Amazon will call you to save incurring any bills for the conversation.

Again, you’ll want to go to the Contact Us page but this time, under the Start chatting now button you’ll see the smaller text that reads Need help over the phone? We can call you.

How to contact Amazon UK: Phone call

Click the We can call you section and you’ll be taken to another page where you to select the order you want to query.

In the main area you’ll see the most recent order and several options, including Track package, Return or Replace items and Get product support. Choosing one of these will take you to an automated part of the Amazon site that will try to provide the relevant information.

How to contact Amazon UK: Order details

To use the call feature you’ll need to click the tick-box to the left of the product image in the order section. If the order displayed isn’t the item you want to discuss, click the choose different order button.  

To talk to someone on the phone you’ll need to use the drop menu under the order details in the Tell us more about your issue section.

How to contact Amazon UK: Tell us more

Amazon will try to resolve the problem through providing information, but if you specifically want to talk to customer services, choose an option in the first drop down menu and another from the second one that appears, then scroll down until you see the Or, talk to someone section.

How to contact Amazon UK: Phone

In here is a button marked Phone. Click this and you’ll be asked to enter the phone number you want Amazon to contact you on.

How to contact Amazon UK: Phone number

When this is done click the Call me now button and you should hear from an Amazon representative shortly afterwards.

Contact Amazon via Twitter

Should you have difficulty with resolving your issue using the above methods, don’t forget that you can always message the Amazon UK twitter account. We recently had an issue with a feature that didn’t appear to be working on the Amazon site.

An hour on the Live Chat with customer services proved a huge frustration and provided no solution. After complaining about the issue (and the ‘support’) to Amazon’s Twitter account, we were emailed a solution the next morning.

Obviously, it’s best to go down the help desk route as we’ve found it to be a good service, but it’s also useful to know that there is a public forum that can get you some quick results as well.

If your issue is solely about a missing package, try reading what to do when your Amazon order doesn’t arrive.