Until you've watched Rogue One, you might want to avoid Star Wars spoilers. But what will you do - not use the web? Here's an alternative - how to block Star Wars spoilers. Also see: How to add a Lightsaber to your Facebook profile.

How to block Star Wars: Rogue One spoilers in Chrome

A really simple way to block all potential Star Wars spoilers is to download an extension that automatically does it for you. Force Block is a Google Chrome extension which scans a page for Star Wars mentions and if it believes there may be the threat of a spoiler it activates a splash screen that gives you the opportunity to avoid or go ahead anyway. Here's how to use Force Block. Also see: Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars spoilers

Step 1. Force Block is a free Google Chrome extension that can be found in the Chrome Web Store. Remember that it will block Star Wars spoilers only in Google Chrome, so don't accidentally use another browser and see stuff you can't unsee.

Step 2. To add Force Block to Chrome just click the 'Add to Chrome' button at the top right of the pop-up window.

Star Wars spoilers

Step 3. Another pop-up will warn you that Force Block can read and change data on the sites you visit, and manage your apps, extensions and themes. If you're happy with this, go ahead and click Add extension.

Star Wars spoilers

Step 4. Force Block will automatically be added to Chrome without you needing to restart the browser, and is accessible from the purple X icon it adds to your Chrome toolbar.

Star Wars spoilers

Step 5. By default Force Block will be turned on, but you can click the X icon to access an option to turn it off.

Step 6. Also here is an option to add a web page to a whitelist, should you find Force Block pops up a load of false-positive warnings.

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