Every Google account has a free storage limit of 15GB – but that space can swiftly evaporate given it's shared between Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive.

If you want to make sure you have enough space left in your drive for incoming emails, files, and attachments, it's easy to check how much Google storage you've used, and how much you have left.

Here, we're going through how to check your Google storage space usage on both desktop and mobile.

How to check Google storage on Desktop (the easy way)

The easiest way to check your Google storage usage is by going to one.google.com/storage. This will work on mobile too, though you might have to confirm which Google account you're checking if you have multiple accounts on your phone. 

See our separate guide on how to download all your Google Photos in one go.

How much Google storage do I have left?

How to check Google storage space via Google Account on Chrome

If you can't remember how to get to the link above, you can find it in your Google account settings in Chrome using the steps below.

  • Click on your account icon at the top right corner of a new tab on Chrome:

Google Account Storage - Manage Account

  • Scroll down to Account storage

Google Account Storage Information

Google Account Storage

How to check Google account storage use on a phone

  • Launch Google on your phone and click on your account icon
  • Click 'Manage your Google Account' on your preferred account
  • Scroll down to Account storage

How to see Google storage use on phone

  • You should see the full usage breakdown

How to see Google storage use on phone

You can also go into your Gmail account and scroll all the way to the bottom, where you'll see how many GB you've used of your 15GB limit. It looks like this:

Gmail storage usage

If 15GB doesn't offer enough storage for all your photos, see our recommendations of the best alternatives to Google Photos. Also, see our guide on What to do when Google Photos free storage ends.

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