Major UK broadband providers including BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Zen Internet have joined a non-compulsory scheme by Ofcom to compensate customers for interruptions and delays to their broadband service.

According to Ofcom, the industry watchdog, there are over 7 million cases each year where broadband customers suffered delays or outages of service - of all these cases only 15% received compensation.

The new voluntary scheme has been put into place to incentivise providers to avoid the issues occurring in the first place, and will also see others providers join in the future including Hyperoptic, Vodafone, EE and Plusnet.

Several providers including TalkTalk, Sky, Zen Internet and BT use the BT Openreach network to provide their services. Last December, Openreach agreed that it would compensate the providers if any delays to repairs, maintenance or installations were encountered.

That money will then be used to automatically provide compensation directly to the customers.

How to receive compensation for internet outages and delays

If your internet provider has enrolled in the scheme, you will be automatically compensated for any outages, delays or missed engineer appointments by your provider.

The agreement says that if an engineer doesn’t arrive on schedule, or cancels within 24 hours, the customer will receive £25 compensation. If a service stops working and isn’t repaired within two working days customers will be entitled to £8 a day in compensation, along with £5 per day for services not starting on a promised date.

Ofcom has said that it will keep a close eye on the scheme, and if firms don’t comply then it will “step in and take action”.

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