With lockdown meaning many shops are closed, people are turning to online shopping more and more. But, what should you do if the boutique guitar pedal, LED projector or electric breadmaker you ordered from Amazon doesn’t actually arrive - especially if it's marked as delivered on your account?

We explain the steps to check where your parcel has got to.

How to check if your Amazon order is still on its way

Before panicking about the possibility of a lost order, it’s always worth checking your account to see if the package has been delayed but is still on the way. There can be a number of reasons why this might happen, such as a van breaking down, extreme weather or maybe even that simple mistake of it being left off the van.

To check the status of your order, go to the Amazon website in a browser, log into your account and click the Returns & Orders option in the upper right corner, then select Open Orders. This will show you any orders that have yet to be completed, so if you see the one you’re waiting for, click on it to show its status then select Track Package.

What to do when your Amazon order does not arrive: Track packages

If you’re using the Android or iPhone app, just launch it, tap the three lines in the top left corner, then select My Orders to see your purchase history and any incomplete orders. When you see the one you’re worried about, tap on it then scroll down and select View Order Details for more information.

What to do when an Amazon order doesn’t arrive

If your order is showing as delivered, then it’s time for some detective work. The obvious place to start is with the delivery address. In the Track Package or View Order Details you should be able to see the address to which the order was sent.

Did you ask for it to be sent to an Amazon Locker or Click and Collect site?

Now, for most people this will always be your home, but it’s worth ensuring that you didn’t choose the Amazon Locker or Click and Collect option when completing the order, as your package could be waiting for you in either of those locations.

If the latter is the case, then you should have received an email or notification telling you that the item is ready to be collected. So, check your inbox or notifications to see if you missed it when it first arrived.

Has it been left with a neighbour or in your nominated ‘safe delivery space’?

Sometimes, if you’re not home when the courier arrives, the parcel will be left with a neighbour or in the ‘safe delivery place’ you may have set up in the delivery instructions of your order. Check both before contacting Amazon, as it may be the quickest way to solve the mystery.

Check for a ‘sorry we missed you’ card

Yes, the dreaded card that lets you know the courier has come and gone. Be sure to check your letterbox, under the rug by the front door, or ask other members of the household if they’ve seen a card that shows the courier tried to deliver the item. If you do find one, follow the instructions on it to arrange a redelivery.

Wait to see if the online system has gotten ahead of the driver

On some rare occasions, the website or app can report a delivery that still may be in progress. Try leaving it a day after something is reported as delivered to see if the physical item catches up with its digital status.

How to contact Amazon when a package doesn’t arrive

If, after trying all the things above, you still find that the parcel hasn’t arrived, then it’s time to get in touch with Amazon. As the company allows other sellers to use its site, you need to check who to speak to.

Go to the Orders page on your account and select the Contact Provider option to directly get in touch with those who sold the item or delivered it.

What to do when your Amazon order does not arrive: Contact seller

You can also use the Our Carriers page to find details such as phone numbers for the couriers, so you can call them and enquire about the package. Just make sure you note down the tracking number or the delivery confirmation number that’s displayed on your order, as you’ll need it for the courier to identify your parcel.

Should you have difficulties with any of this, go to Amazon Customer Services and use the Chat feature to discuss your problems with one of the company’s helpdesk staff. Hopefully, this will ensure that your parcel finally makes its way to your door.

In fact, we've put together a step-by-step guide which explains how to contact Amazon UK customer services.

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