HBO Max is now available but only if you're in the US. So what if you want to stream shows on your Android device in the UK? Well this guide will show you how to download and install it quickly with minimal hassle.

Although you can find the HBO Max app on the Google Play Store, it will show as ‘incompatible with all your devices’ if you’re in the UK. Those in the US can simply download and use it (HBO Now subscribers will be automatically updated to the new service), but Brits will need to follow this workaround.

We’re using an Android smartphone here, but HBO Max is also compatible with Android TV (find out how to use a VPN on a TV), Android tablets and Chromecast.

How to watch HBO Max on Android in the UK

  1. Open your VPN of choice (we’re using Nord here) and connect to a US server
  2. Open Chrome and create a new Google account by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner, choose ‘Manage accounts on this device’ followed by ‘Add account’
  3. Now follow the process, adding your name, UK phone number (just for a verification code), date of birth and gender etc until you have a new Gmail address
  4. Now open the Play Store and switch to this new account by clicking the profile picture at the end of the search bar and selecting the new one
  5. Logging into this new account means you can search for and download the HBO Max app
  6. Tap 'skip' if the Google Play store asks for payment information at this stage - you shouldn't register this until you have HBO Max open
  7. Once you’ve installed the app, launch it and try to stream some content. HBO will ask you to sign in so here’s where you can create a new account with that Gmail address you just created
  8. When asked for payment details (needed even for the 14 day trial) select PayPal. You can now use your regular personal UK account details to authorise payment via Google Play
  9. Now you’re ready to stream content from HBO Max. Well once you’ve chosen some profile things like an image anyway

How to get HBO Max on Android