To fix broken app shortcuts, reboot your phone or re-add the shortcut to your homescreen.

After an app update you might not see your app shortcuts (missing icon) on your homescreen or have a toast notification informing you that the shortcut link is broken. Here's how to fix the common problem on Android. Also see: Best kids apps

How to fix broken app shortcuts: Re-add the shortcut

The fastest and most efficient way is to just re-add the shortcut(s) to your homescreen.

Tap and hold the broken app shortcut on your homescreen and you'll have the option to 'Remove' it from your homescreen. Some Android launchers give you the option to uninstall the app directly, but make sure you're only removing the app from your homescreen.

Once removed, find the app again in your app drawer and re-add it to your homescreen by long pressing the app and dragging it into the right location. Also see: Best Android games

How to fix broken app shortcuts: Reboot your phone

This might sound simple, but often a phone reboot fixes a broken app shortcut. Simply hold down the power key on your Android phone, and you'll be prompted with a window asking what you would like to do. Tap the Reboot button and give your phone sufficient amount of time to reboot. Also see: Pokémon GO review

How to fix broken app shortcuts: Clear your phone's cache

How to fix broken app shortcuts - Mobile apps

If the above two methods don't work, which is highly unlikely - then you can try to clear your phone's cache. See cache as temporary data that's saved on your phone's memory, clearing it can often solve more complex problems.

Not all phones have the option, but you'll need to enter your phone's recovery menu. Do this by switching off the phone, then once fully switched off, hold the power button and volume up key simultaneously until you see the Android (or other) logo.

You should now be in the recovery menu - navigate using the volume keys and find 'Clear Cache' - often this is paired with 'Factory Reset' which is something you will not want to do. However, if you have the separate option to clear your phone's cache only, then do so by selecting the option and confirming the flushing of the cache.

Once complete, reboot your phone through the recovery menu and wait for your phone to reboot - it might take more time than usual to reboot - due to the cache being cleared. You should now see all your shortcuts and apps working as intended. Also see: Deezer vs Spotify vs Tidal vs Amazon Prime Music vs Apple Music comparison