Since the Pixel 6 phones have officially arrived, it means Android 12 is now finally released for you to download and install. It’s available on selected Pixel phones to begin with so here’s how to get Android 12 if you have a compatible device.

How to get Android 12

If you do have a compatible phone (details below) then getting Android 12 is pretty simple. You only need to tap a few things in your settings menu as follows. If nothing comes up, then leave it a while and check again as the roll-out may be gradual.

  1. Open settings menu
  2. Tap on System
  3. Tap System Update
  4. Tap Download and install

How to get Android 12 download and install

What Pixel phones can get Android 12?

Android 12 compatibility goes all the way back to the 2018 Pixel 3 meaning you can get it on a number of phones. The Pixel 6 phones come with it pre-loaded. Here’s the official list:

  • Pixel 5a
  • Pixel 5
  • Pixel 4a
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL

Oddly, the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 4 XL are missing from this list. This would seem to be a mistake as Google promises OS updates, but we are checking with Google to make sure. I used the former to write this article, but the phone was already on the beta version.

How do I get Android 12 on non-Pixel phones?

While Google rolls out new software versions to its own phones first, other devices running Android will of course get Android 12 as well.

Official OTA (over the air) updates will arrive later this year on Samsung, LG, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sony, Vivo and Xiaomi devices.

If you don’t want to wait for the update to arrive, then find out how to download the Android 12 Beta now.