One of the draws of Android is the amount of customisation on offer including what wallpaper you use for the home- and lock screens. Here's how to change lock screen on Android. See also: Android 7.0 Nougat release date.

While some can be a perfectly beautiful fit with your phone, not all wallpapers on Android are great and there's a good chance you'll want to change the lock screen on your Android device. It's easy to choose a different one or even a photo you've taken, as well as having separate wallpapers for the home and lock sreens.

As with any Android tutorial, the experience and exact method will vary between phones since they all use different skins/user interfaces. We've used a Sony Xperia Z5 for the screenshots. Read: New Nexus 2016 release date.

If the below steps don't match your phone head into the settings menu and find the display section which typically has options for the lock screen. Some phones allow you to search the settings menu so you can also try that. This is also where you can find and change lock screen security.

1.    Long press on your home screen where there are no icons or widgets

2.    This should open a customisation menu where you can select 'Wallpapers'

How to change lock screen on Android

3.    You may or may not be given the option to change it for the home screen or lock screen. If not then try the settings menu as detailed above

4.    Scroll through the list of wallpapers or open My photos to choose a picture you've taken

5.    Adjust the position, crop and zoom where appropriate then hit 'Set wallpaper'

How to change lock screen on Android