2020 is, for obvious reasons, the year of virtual events. And apparently Razer didn’t want to feel left out, so it’s invented a whole new event – RazerCon – and debuting it online.

That’s right – there's never actually been a physical RazerCon, so we don’t really have anything to compare it to. But expect product launches, live music, and footage reveals from a few upcoming games.

What is RazerCon?

RazerCon is a full-day digital event that the company says will include a “global mixed reality keynote by Razer CEO, launch of new products, product panels, game showcases and after-party concerts by some of the top EDM artists, and metal bands Sabaton and DragonForce.”

“We have a very passionate and hardcore gaming community that has stuck with us for many years, and the idea of having a major gathering for Razer fans and all gamers out there was brought up countless times,” said Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan.

“2020 has been a challenging year for everyone around the world, greatly limiting physical events. We see RazerCon as an opportunity to celebrate gaming and the Razer community while setting a new standard for online events.”

When is RazerCon 2020?

RazerCon takes place this weekend on 10 October. It begins at 5pm BST, which is 9am PST and 12pm EST if you’re in the US. It begins with a keynote presentation that is expected to include the biggest product launches.

How do I watch RazerCon online?

Razer has confirmed that the whole event will be streamed live across its Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts, so click through to your platform of choice to watch live.

What to expect from RazerCon 2020

Here's a summary of the events that Razer has confirmed will take place during the show:

  • A mixed reality keynote by Razer's CEO
  • The world’s first RGB lighting-reactive livestream
  • Announcements of new Razer products and panels showcasing existing ones
  • New content from game studios including Romero Games, Perfect World Entertainment, Paradox Interactive and hardware companies such as Intel, Nvidia, and Western Digital
  • Celebrity appearances, including an audience meet-and-greet session with CloakZy and CourageJD, and a panel with PaladinAmber
  • Live performances from EDM and metal artists including Deadmau5, Sabaton and Herman Li of DragonForce

For more details and specific timings, check out the full RazerCon schedule.

The show will also include a Grand Raffle that anyone can enter, and a BattleStation Contest where you can show off your rig built with Razer Chroma lighting – with prizes including Razer peripherals and even an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080.