The ability to teleport in Minecraft may not be obvious at a glance, but there’s a way to do it not only on PC but consoles and mobile too. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the process of teleporting in Minecraft differs between platforms, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for Minecraft fans.

To remedy this issue, we’ve split our tutorial into platform-specific sections covering PC, console and mobile versions of Minecraft to help you learn to teleport and get where you’re going in the blink of an eye.

Teleporting in Minecraft on PC

  1. Open Minecraft on your PC.
  2. Create or load the world that you want to play in.
  3. Head to the location you want to teleport to in future – this could be your base, a farm or recreation you’re working on.
  4. Press F3 + Fn + F3 on PC or Alt + Fn + F3 on Mac to display your current coordinates below the mini-map. Make a note of these coordinates as you’ll need them to teleport back.
  5. When you want to teleport, open the console by pressing the / key on your keyboard.
  6. Enter the teleport command teleport name x y z replacing name with the username of your character, x with the east/west coordinate, y with the vertical coordinate and z with the north/south coordinate – this should be in the same order that you originally wrote the coordinates down in. Your finished command should look something like this: teleport LewwyPaints 2 43 72
  7. You can also teleport to another player’s location (or bring them to you) by using the command teleport Bert Ernie, which will teleport Bert to Ernie’s current location.
  8. Once you’ve typed out the command, simply hit Enter to teleport your player to the selected coordinates.

Teleporting in Minecraft on console

Before we delve into the console-focused teleportation tutorial, it’s worth pointing out that you’re only able to teleport when you’re hosting a multiplayer world and, unlike on PC, you’ll only be able to teleport to another player’s location.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s how to teleport in Minecraft on PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

  1. Load up Minecraft from your console’s main menu.
  2. Select Play Game and select the world that you’d like to load – but don’t load it just yet.
  3. Head to Game Options and make sure that Host Privileges is ticked.
  4. Select Load and click OK on the warning that notifies players about the lack of achievements and leaderboard updates when playing with host privileges.
  5. Once the game has loaded, press Options on Xbox or the Touchpad on PS4 to access the Host menu.
  6. Select Host Options and select Teleport to Player.
  7. This should take you to a list of all players currently playing in your world. Simply select a user from this list and you’ll be instantly teleported to their current location.

Teleporting in Minecraft on mobile

While the lack of a physical keyboard might make entering coordinates a fairly tiresome job, there is also a way to teleport in Minecraft on mobile.

  1. Open the Minecraft app and load the world that you’d like to play in.
  2. Access the pause menu by tapping the top-right of the display – the icon isn’t always displayed, but it’s there.
  3. Tap Settings and toggle the Cheats switch on to enable the use of teleportation.
  4. Close the menu and tap Resume Game.
  5. Tap the Chat icon at the top of the display.
  6. To get your current coordinates for future reference, hit the text box and type /tp YourUsername ~ ~ ~ making sure to replace YourUsername with your Minecraft username. this won’t teleport you anywhere, but the command menu should display your current coordinates.
  7. To teleport, tap the Chat icon once again, bring up the text box and type /tp YourUsername X Y Z, with X representing the east/west coordinate, Y representing the vertical coordinate and Z representing the north/south coordinate.
  8. Tap the Enter button (resembling a chat bubble with an arrow in it) to teleport your character to the specified coordinates.

And there you have it! For more Minecraft goodness, take a look at how to allocate more RAM in Minecraft and the best alternatives to Minecraft too.