Gamescom 2016 is upon us and Nintendo has announced what it will be bringing to the gaming convention in Cologne, Germany. One of the highlights, for Pokémon fans anyway, will be a live stream of Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay today. Here's when and how to watch the live stream. Read: The most anticipated games of 2016.

Update 19 August: If you're reading this then the live stream has been and gone, but you a re-watch the gameplay action from Gamescom 2016 above. Skip to around 4:10 (it's a five hour video) and be warned, it's in German and hard to tell what's going on at times.

Nintendo isn't holding a press conference at Gamescom 2016 and nor is Microsoft or Sony for that matter (EA is, of sorts). However, there are plenty of live steams lined up with most being for specific games. Following the success of Pokémon Go, fans will no doubt be looking forward to Sun and Moon, which is available to pre-order now here.

Other Gamescom 2016 live streams:

•    Battlefield 1 live stream
•    Titanfall 2 multiplayer live stream
•    Density Rise of Iron DLC live stream
•    Elder Scrolls Legends live stream

Pokémon Sun and Moon Gamescom 2016 live stream: Date and time

There's not long to wait as the Pokémon Sun and Moon live stream at Gamescom 2016 will be held on 18 August at 4pm UK time (5pm local time).

You don't need to worry about how to watch the video stream as we've embedded it at the top of this page so simply come back on Thursday at the right time and enjoy.

The firm has said it will show off live gameplay of Pokémon Sun and Moon so you can expect to see some of the new Pokémon, Alola forms, Team Skull and probably the new Z-moves.