Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is nearly here, launching on Friday 15 November, and as the first single-player Star Wars title in a long time it’s fair to say that the hype is real.

It doesn’t hurt that the new game is coming from developer Respawn, responsible not only for the amazing Titanfall games (including Titanfall 2’s stellar solo campaign) but also this year’s mega hit Apex Legends.

Still, like any modern AAA title, Fallen Order is big, with an install size of roughly 60GB - not what you want to be downloading at midnight when the game launches and you’re desperate to play. Luckily, if you pre-order the game you’ll be able to pre-load it and make sure it’s ready to go the moment it unlocks.

We’ve been lucky enough to try the game early, so read our hands-on preview to find out what we think so far of one of the year's biggest games.

Where to buy Jedi: Fallen Order

First up, for any of the following pre-load instructions you’ll have to pre-order the game from one of the official storefronts: the PlayStation Store for PS4, the Xbox Store for Xbox One, and either Origin or Steam on PC.

The game costs £59.99/$59.99, or £69.99/$69.99 for the Deluxe Edition, which includes some cosmetic skins, a digital art book, and some behind-the-scenes videos. If you pre-order either edition you’ll also get an orange lightsaber blade cosmetic and some other cosmetic options.

It's a little cheaper to pre-order the game from Amazon, but even if you opt for a digital copy there's no guarantee that you'll get the code early enough to take advantage of the pre-load, so if you really want to play straight away you're better off sticking to the official stores.

Of course you can also get the game as part of a subscription to Origin Access Premier, and the same guidelines on pre-loading should apply.

When can I play Fallen Order?

The game launches officially on 15 November, but depending on where you live you might actually get access on the 14th.

That’s because the unlock time is set for midnight CET, which means 11pm on the 14th in the UK - and 6pm ET or 3pm PT on the 14th if you’re in the US.

If you want to get playing straight away, make sure you download the game before then.

Unusually, EA has decided not to offer any early play option to Origin Access Premier subscribers - to prevent spoilers, apparently - so even if you pay for the premium subscription you’ll have to wait until launch like the rest of us.

When can I pre-load the game?

Pre-load times vary by platform, and are a bit tricky to verify - but here’s the latest info that we have.

Pre-load Fallen Order on PS4

Pre-loads haven’t begun yet for PS4, but should do at some point on 13 November. The best way to be safe is to pre-order the game from Sony’s store and then keep checking the official store page for the download option.

If you check from your PS4 you can download the game directly from there, or if you’re on a web browser you can set it begin downloading remotely.

Pre-load Fallen Order on Xbox One

Downloads are already live on Xbox One, so as long as you’ve already pre-ordered a digital copy of the game you should be able to download it right now. Head to the official store page while you’re logged into your account, or access it from the console, and you should see the option to begin the pre-load.

Pre-load Fallen Order on PC

PC pre-loads are live too on both Origin and Steam, as well as for Origin Access Premier subscribers - though again, this doesn’t give any early gameplay access.

The download is available now, so head to the store page of whichever platform you bought it from and the option to begin the download should appear.