Niantic's Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, but unfortunately you might encounter a few problems when playing the game. These problems can lead to frustrating gaming sessions and prevent you from playing the game. Here's how to fix common Pokemon GO errors which might occur.

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Update 27 October - Audio problems: After the 0.43.3 and 0.43.4 update, we noticed that some Android devices playing music would be unable to be heard at the same time as having the app open. In our case, we had a Android phone running v6.0 and using the very popular music player, Poweramp we were unable to listen to music while playing Pokemon GO - however there is a fix!

In Poweramp head into Settings > Audio > Audio Focus > and Uncheck "Permanent Audio Focus Change" - this will not enable you to listen to music while playing Pokemon GO - other Android music apps might have the same feature - check your app settings. We didn't notice any problems on iOS device, but do let us know in the comments if you have faced any audio issues.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: Failed to get player information from the server

This error is created by a collection of different errors. We saw this error crop up a lot when we had to restart our app, due to a crash (often when a Pokemon was caught but stuck in the 'catching screen').

Pokemon Go troubleshooting - Sign in

To solve the error, you'll have to simply wait it out. It often takes around 30 minutes for the error to self-heal, but can sometimes take longer. If you're really desparate to get playing again, you can try clearing the app's cache or re-downloading the Pokemon GO app. Also see: How to play Pokémon GO.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: Failed to log in or Pokemon GO app doesn't load

This error is appearing more often than not for those who have a poor internet connection. However, at times it's out of our hands and is down to the Pokemon servers being overloaded. If you see the error, try disabling and re-enabling your internet connection and tapping on Retry.

Pokemon Go troubleshooting - Error

If it fails several times in a row, navigate to to check if the servers are down. If you see any of the boxes with CRIT written, then you'll know the issue isn't only being felt by you, but by other people around the world too. The servers often have a slight downtime to cope with the increasing number of Pokemon GO trainers from across the world, give it around 15-30 minutes and retry.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: Unable to authenticate

If you're getting the 'Unable to authenticate. Please try again' error, this is linked to using a PTC (Pokemon Trainers Club) account.

This is often related to your network connection, but if you're certain that it isn't the case, then you can try re-verifying your account through the automated verification email and this should solve the issue.

If you've permanently deleted the email, try logging into your account through your browser. Where, this will then automatically re-enable your account and permit you to authenticate your account within the app.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: Pokemon GO progress reset to Level 1

If for some reason you get the heart sinking moment where you've lost all your progress, then there is a fix.

Some are reporting the issue to be present with Google accounts being linked to the Pokemon GO app. If you experience this bug, try logging out of the app and retrying to login.

If that also fails, try clearing the app's cache and then reinstalling it if it still doesn't work.

If that still doesn't help, try logging out of your Google account on your device - although this might be slightly frustrating, it can be a solution to your problem.

If that still doesn't work, you'll have to submit a bug report to Niantic.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: GPS signal not found

A relatively common error which appears is the GPS signal not found. This occurs when your smartphone is unable to locate a GPS signal, and therefore Pokemon GO is unable to operate properly without this functionality.

The error appears if you have GPS disabled or if your mobile has poor connectivity.

Pokemon Go troubleshooting - GPS

To solve this, make sure your GPS is enabled. If it's enabled and you're still getting the error, try moving around. If that also fails, you can try enabling Wi-Fi, which is known to help the accuracy of your GPS signal, even if you're not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If all else fails, restart the app to see if it's solve. If that still doesn't solve it, it could be related to your device, where we would suggest restarting the phone.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: No internet connectivity

The issue crops up if you've got not internet connection, be it through Wi-Fi or cellular. You'll find that with the error present on your Pokemon GO screen, you won't be able to navigate the map.

Pokemon Go troubleshooting - Internet

To solve the error, make sure you've got an internet connection. If you still cannot get the app working, try restarting the app or phone.

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Pokemon GO troubleshooting: Spinning Pokeball

This error is very much assimilated with your internet connectivity and Niantic's servers. If you've got bad connectivity, you'll see a spinning Pokeball or if the servers are down you'll be unable to interact with the map, without the app having a lot of problems.

Look at to check if the servers are down and double check that your phone is connected to the internet. If you're connected, give the servers 15-30 minutes to come back online.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: This Pokestop is too far away

Pokemon Go troubleshooting - Pokestop

Often we get close to a Pokestop, only for it to be supposedly too far away from us. This problem is linked with your internet connectivity. If your GPS is correctly picking you up on the app, and the Pokestop is still locked, give it a minute to unlock as your phone reconnects to the internet.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: This Gym is too far away

This error has the exact same fixes as the Pokestop issue above. It has to do with your GPS signal and internet connectivity.

Pokemon Go troubleshooting - Gym

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: Pokemon stuck when catching

We're starting to see this error occur much less with the recent Pokemon GO updates, however the 'catching screen' can sometimes be bugged, with you having to wait a substantial amount of time, before the app becoming irresponsive.

There's no fix for this issue, other than to restart the app, however we would suggest waiting a minute when this happens, as there is a good chance you'll actually catch the Pokemon you wanted.

Pokemon Go troubleshooting - Catching

Instead of being presented with a dedicated screen showing with what you just caught, it will already appear listed within your Pokemon list. It can also appear in your Pokedex, if it's a Pokemon you've not seen or caught before.

More often than not the Pokemon you wanted to catch would have got away with your app crash; however it's always worth giving it that extra minute before restarting the app.

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Pokemon GO troubleshooting: You already own this item or items have disappeared

If you have just made some in-app purchases in Pokemon GO and they have yet to appear, try logging out of the app and logging in again.

If not, you can try restarting the phone and if they're still not present or your PokeCoins have still not reappeared, contact Niantic.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: My character won't move

If your trainer is stuck and simply won't move, try disabling and re-enabling your GPS. If this fails, restart the app and you should be presented with an updated location with your Pokemon trainer now being able to move around.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: Constant app crashes and incompatible device

To play Pokemon GO you'll need an iPhone 5 (or later), with iOS 8 (or above) installed. If you're playing on Android, you'll need a phone running on Android 4.4 KitKat (or newer) with a resolution of 1280x720. Also see: Best phones 2016.

If you don't meet the minimum specification requirements, then you'll need to buy a new phone. Unfortunately, there's no easy way around it, unless you emulate Android on your PC or Mac. Also see: How to run Android apps in Windows | How to use Snapchat on Mac.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: This item is not available in your country error

You might see this error if you're trying to play the game in a not-yet supported country.

Alternatively the bug might appear if your device is confused in its location (especially if you've just come back from a holiday). Double check your time and date settings and try restarting your phone to solve the issue.

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: Battery drain

If you're experiencing a lot of battery drain, try enabling the 'Battery Saver' option within the app's settings. This should help save a little bit of battery.

You'll also find playing on a lower brightness and having the AR (augmented reality) option disabled, a great aid to your phone's battery life.

Other than not playing the game as much, you'll have to resort to using a power bank. Also see: Best power bank.

Pokemon Go troubleshooting - Battery

Remember, the game is extremely intensive on your phone's battery life; it uses your screen, processor, graphics card, RAM, cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS chips, among other things.

Nevertheless, Niantic have noted heavy battery drain on some devices and are looking to resolve it in an upcoming update.

If you're low on battery and need your phone, don't play Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO troubleshooting: Distorted audio

If for any reason your audio is being distorted, make sure your audio device is properly connected to your phone.

If you're using audio over Bluetooth, this is a known problem on some devices, where Niantic are looking to resolve the issue in an upcoming update.