Once you’ve got your hands on Kubfu - the pocket rocket Fighting-type Pokémon - you’ll no doubt wish to evolve it into its powerful final form and have a big-shot legendary on your team.

However, in order to take on either the Tower of Waters of the Tower of Darkness (depending on if you want a Water-Fighting or Dark-Fighting Pokémon), you’ll need to level up your Kubfu to take on everything within the towers.

Keep on reading to find out how to do this quickly. We also have guides to obtaining Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander in Sword and Shield, and how to max up your friendship with Kubfu.

How to level up quicker through grinding

When you fight in the towers, you’ll only have your Kubfu on you, so it needs to be at least level 70. This is quite a jump considering it's only on level 10 when you first get it.

This does mean you’ll have to do a LOT of grinding - unless you happen to have sixty Rare Candy on you, which you can actually buy in Hammerlocke with Battle Points which are earned in the Battle Tower.

If you don’t have that, then there is something you can do during grinding to speed up the process. All you need is one other very powerful Pokémon in your team besides your Kubfu (if you’ve beaten the game, any of the legendaries will do) and some Chansey to battle.

  • Clear out your party bar one extremely powerful Pokémon (one that can kill numerous level 60 Pokémon without breaking a sweat)
  • Look for Chansey on the Isle of Armor and defeat them using your strong Pokémon - they spawn everywhere on the island apart from in the Honeycalm Sea and when it's foggy
  • Your Kubfu will rake in the XP, even when it doesn’t battle
  • Once your Kubfu reaches past level 50, make it the only one in your party and you'll gain XP even quicker

For some reason, Chansey generates a HUGE number of experience points in comparison to other Pokémon. Of course you can still battle other types of Pokémon, but this is the one that will yield the quickest results.

In my playthrough I found that Chansey spawned repeatedly when cycling around the Fields of Honor during a sunny day.