Camp life is important in Red Dead Redemption 2; as well as being a place to rest, the camp provides a range of services that you can upgrade over time. One of the key upgrades available is Leather Working Tools, as it allows camp cook Pearson to craft unique items that not only make your camp look cool, but satchels that provide extended carry capacity.

Here, we explain the process of unlocking the Leather Working Tools upgrade in Red Dead Redemption 2. For more Red Dead 2 help, take a look at how to fast travel, how to pay your bounty and how to clean your weapons too.

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Unlock the Leather Working Tools upgrade at camp

The Leather Working Tools upgrade is valuable because it allows Pearson to craft a range of upgrades for you and your camp. While most of the camp upgrades are aesthetic, the range of satchels on offer can expand your carry capacity, allowing you to carry more vials, ammo, valuables and more.

It’s not as simple as buying a pre-made satchel from Pearson though; you have to provide the perfect pelts to craft each and every satchel. You’ll have to enjoy hunting to get the required pelts as some aren’t easy to come across, but the benefits of expanded carry capacity make it worth the effort.

In order to access these upgrades, you first have to unlock the Leather Working Tools at your camp. This is fairly straightforward; head over to the Ledger, next to the collection box at your camp.

Flick through the first few pages until you come across the Leather Working Tools upgrade. It’ll set you back $225 so it’s not the cheapest upgrade available, but if you’re a keen hunter, it’s a worthy upgrade.

Once you’ve unlocked the upgrade, simply head back to Pearson and select Crafting Upgrades to browse and craft a range of unique items.