Sony's PS5 system software beta program is for dedicated fans that want to get an early look at new features and provide the company with feedback that could have a direct impact on how future software updates are shaped – cool, right?

Testing pre-release software is certainly not without risks, but if you’re an unwavering Sony fan that’ll get a kick from going hands-on with new features and functionality before anybody else, the PS5 beta program is for you.

We outline how you can join Sony’s PS5 beta program, including requirements and risks, right here.

Why should I join the PS5 beta program?

Sony’s PS5 system software beta program isn’t for everyone – as with all betas, there will likely be bugs and crashes – but it will give participants early, exclusive access to big new features coming to the PS5.

The beta program doesn't include smaller ‘point’ updates focused on bug fixes, but rather larger major system updates that introduce new features and functionality.

Features rolled out to PS5 players since release include cross-gen Share Play and an updated UI, suggesting that exciting new features could be in store for those that do decide to participate and help the company squash bugs ahead of the full release.

As confirmed by Sony, the current PS5 beta includes a voice assistant for gamers in the UK and US, as well as various party chat enhancements, game base tweaks, new UI features and much more. 

How can I join the PS5 beta program?

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 beta program is available for existing PS5 owners in the UK, US, Canada, Japan, Germany and France, although you do have to be over 18 and have a PSN account with good standing to participate.

The catch is that it’s not like other beta programs open to just about anyone who wants to join – instead, you’ll have to join a lottery to win one of a limited number of spots on the program. You can do that by heading over to the PS5 Beta Program site and logging in with your PlayStation Network account.

If you’re successful, you’ll receive an email detailing how to download the beta system update. The beta program is linked to your PSN too, so don’t think you’ll be able to sidestep the official process and install a copy of the beta software you might find online.

Due to the NDA nature of Sony’s beta program, which stops users from discussing functionality with any third party, we can’t detail the exact steps here – you’ll just have to follow the instructions in the confirmation email if you’re selected to take part.

Will you be signing up to take part? Let us know on Twitter.

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