The Isle of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield features a brand new legendary Pokémon - Kubfu - that you train up yourself and evolve into the powerful Urshifu which comes in one of two type combinations - Fighting and Dark or Fighting and Water.

However, before you can get on that grinding journey, you first need to max your friendship with Kubfu. If you’d like to know what you need to do for this to happen, then keep on reading. We also have guides to getting started with the Isle of Armor DLC, and how to get all the Gen 1 starters in Sword and Shield.

Once you've completed this tutorial, find out how to level up your Kubfu to level 70 fast to take on the towers.

Sightseeing locations with Kubfu

The leader of the Dojo - Mustard - will tell you all the ways you can max up your friendship with Kubfu. By far the easiest method is to head to the sightseeing spots dotted throughout the Isle of Armor and speaking to the fellow Dojo trainees (in the yellow jackets) that are stationed there.

Fast travel via flying taxi to the following locations, and you should be able to quickly spot the trainees when you first land:

  • Loop Lagoon
  • Brawler's Cave
  • Challenge Road
  • Potbottom Desert

Once you’ve seen all four sightseeing spots, the game will notify you that your friendship with Kubfu is as high as it can get, so you can progress on with the story. Of course, these aren’t the only things that raise up the friendship level.

Other ways to become friends with Kubfu

Sword and Shield introduced camping - so you can get Kubfu to join in on the fun with your Pokémon. However, you won’t get as many points for doing this, so you may need to visit at least a couple of the sightseeing locations.

Another thing you can do is head to the Ditto Den in Workout Sea which features a tree with Tamato berries. Feeding around four or five of them to Kubfu will raise its happiness quite quickly.

Finally, you can test out the new in-game reward for defeating your rival in the final Dojo battle. Put Kubfu first in your party and let it walk alongside you. Interact with it, and that should also raise the happiness levels (plus the animation is adorable to watch).