Battlefield 1 is one of the most popular upcoming games of 2016, going head to head with the more-than-slightly-Sci-fi Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (and winning if YouTube reactions are anything to go by!). While there is a lack of press conferences at Gamescom 2016, EA has shown off the impressive 64-player multiplayer match option featured in the upcoming Battlefield 1 - along with a few other details. Read our full Battlefield 1 review here.

But what about Sony and Microsoft? While Microsoft usually makes an appearance at Gamescom, the company has decided to opt out this year – especially after a busier than usual E3 2016 event. Similarly, Sony isn't at the show as it’s due to host its own event in early September (to announce the PS4 Neo, we assume) and will probably focus more on Paris Games Week later on this year, as it did last year.

While Sony and Microsoft aren’t making an appearance at Gamescom 2016, other companies are:

•    EA live stream as it happened
•    Titanfall 2 multiplayer live stream as it happened
•    Density Rise of Iron DLC live stream as it happened
•    Elder Scrolls Legends live stream

Battlefield 1 Gamescom 2016 live stream as it happened: How can I re-watch the live stream?

So, if you've only just got here, you're a little late - the Gamescom 2016 live stream has been and gone.

So, what did you miss? Apart from showing off a massive 64-player lobby pitting 32 against 32, EA also showcased a brand new Battlefield 1 map - the Sinai Desert. We got a brief look at horseback and how the mechanic will work in-game - while the horse may have a higher health guage than a standard player, it's worth noting that gamers can still be shot off the horse and killed, allowing the enemy to steal your steed. 

You can also catch a glimpse at some of the weaponry available in Battlefield 1, although we can't really go into too much detail as the clip is fairly short. One difference between Battlefield 1 and previous Battlefield games is the points system, which can be seen at around the 4:25 mark. 

DICE also announced that the Battlefield 1 multiplayer beta will begin on 31 August on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - for more information on the beta and everything else surrounding Battlefield 1, take a look at our hub article: Battlefield 1 release date, platforms, gameplay, beta and more