Fallout 4 is one of the biggest and most highly rated games of 2015, with one gamer threatening to sue Bethesda because of a three-week Fallout 4 binge which cost him his marriage and his job – but that’s another story. We love Fallout 4, and especially just how customisable the game is; you can customise your weapons, armour and Power Armor (we’re aware that this is the American spelling of armour, but it’s how it’s written in-game!) for your style of gameplay. Read next: Most anticipated games of 2016

You come across many an enemy in the vast wastelands of Fallout 4, from Raiders to Deathclaws - if you don’t know what a Deathclaw is yet, you’ll find out soon enough. But what happens when you damage your all-important Power Armor? Do you have to ditch it and find another set? No, don’t be silly – there’s an easy way to repair Power Armor, and here is where we show you how to do so.

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How to repair Power Armor in Fallout 4

1) Find a Power Armor Station. The first step to repairing your Power Armor is to find a Power Armor Station. Don’t worry, these are pretty common – they can be found at many settlements, as well as garages scattered throughout the Commonwealth, and at Brotherhood of Steel bases. In fact, both Red Rocket garage and Sanctuary have Power Armor Stations, two of the first settlements you discover in the game.

2) Approach station and exit Power Armor. The next step is to approach the Power Armor Station and exit your Power Armor by holding A, X or E if you’re on Xbox One, PS4 or PC respectively. The key is to make sure you’re as close to the Power Armor Station as possible when exiting your Power Armor.

3) Open the Crafting menu. Approach the Power Armor Station, and if your Power Armor is close enough to the Power Armor Station, you should see a prompt appear at the bottom of the screen to enter the Craft menu. Select this by pressing the relevant button (A on Xbox One, X on PS4, and E on PC).

4) Locate the armor piece(s) that need repairing. If all goes well, you should now see a menu displaying your Power Armor, piece by piece. Looking at the Health bar on the left hand side, scroll through the list and locate a piece that needs repairing. Once found, simply hit the Repair button (Y/Triangle/T for Xbox One/PS4/PC).

It’s worth mentioning that different repairs will require different parts. Even though all Power Armor repairs will require steel, more advanced Power Armor may require rarer materials (like circuitry and nuclear material) before it can be repaired.

The required materials will be displayed when you try to repair a part – if you’re happy to sacrifice the listed materials, simply confirm the repair and your Power Armor will be fixed. Repeat this process with any other damaged parts, and your Power Armor will be as good as new.

Fallout 4 top tip: Here’s a tip for you – make sure you remove the Fusion Core from your Power Armor when you’ve finished using it, even if you leave it in a settlement. We found out the hard way that if you don’t, an NPC will likely come to your settlement when you’re not there and steal it, which isn’t really ideal (and meant we spent hours searching for a replacement)!

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