The release of The Taken King DLC on the Xbox and Playstation platforms marks the beginning of Year Two for the hugely popular multi-player shooter Destiny. In this new era, game designers Bungie decided to shake things up a bit in regards to player scores and rewards, clearing out Crucible and Vanguard Marks in favour of the solitary Legendary Mark. Here's what’s changed and how you can rack up these new Legendary Marks.

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Where did Crucible and Vanguard Marks go?

Previously in the Year One content players would use Crucible and Vanguard Marks to buy gear from related vendors. The new Legendary Marks currency is now universal and will spread out across all your characters. Existing Crucible or Vanguard Marks will be turned into Commendations, which can then be used to increase a player’s reputation with specific factions.

How to get Legendary Marks

First off you’ll need to be level 40 before you can start to collect Legendary Marks. So if you’re still a under that number it might be time to do a little grinding. Once you’re at the requisite grade there are several ways to clock up Marks, although it’s worth remembering that you can only hold 200 at any one time.

Daily Tasks

There are various daily challenges that will gain you Legendary Marks. The Daily Heroic Story is worth 15 Marks if you complete it, although as the name suggests this can be a decent battle as you’ll need to be level 41 with a recommended Light level of 240. There’s also the option of the Daily Crucible match, of which you’ll need to complete one of whichever match type is paying out that day. This again will gain you 15 Marks.

Quests and Strikes

The weekly Vanguard Heroic Strikes hand out 10 Marks, plus Legendary Engram and experience, so they’re well worth the effort, which can be considerable due to their tough nature. It’s also wise to complete quests, as these offer a variety of Marks depending on the difficulty. Check on the quest tracker to see exactly how much they’re worth.

Weapons work

One final, simple way to add a few Marks to your inventory is disassembling Year Two Legendary armour and weapons. It won’t make you rich, paying three marks for unlevelled items and four or five for levelled ones, but it won’t take up much of your time.