While Sony confirmed early on that the PlayStation VR headset would be compatible with the PS5, it was only recently that the company announced that you’ll need an adapter to use the PS4 PlayStation Camera with the next-gen console. Many assumed you’d be able to use the new HD Camera in its place, but Sony says that isn’t compatible with the PSVR headset.

The good news, however, is that Sony is willing to provide the adapter free of charge to all existing PlayStation VR owners. Here’s how to claim it.

How to claim your free PSVR camera adapter for PS5

The good news is that the process of claiming the adapter you’ll need to use your PlayStation VR headset on PS5 is easy and, more importantly, completely free of charge. That’s a nice breath of fresh air considering Apple doesn’t even provide a charger for its most recent iPhones!

All you’ll need to do beforehand is make a note of the 14-digit serial number on the back of your Processor Unit to check that you’re eligible (unless you’ve claimed before, you will be). It’ll start with either C, M or P depending on your region.

Once you’ve got your serial number:

  1. Head to the PlayStation Support page (note that these are different in the UK and US).
  2. Follow CAPACHA verification.
  3. Enter the PSVR Serial Number you noted down earlier.
  4. Enter your shipping address.

Once you’ve confirmed your details, you’re done! Your camera adapter should be sent out in the post, hopefully just in time for the release of the PS5 in November. There are a couple of stipulations, with the most obvious being that you can only claim one adapter per PSVR headset, and that the shipping address you provide must be in a country where PlayStation VR is on sale.

The good news is that unlike the PS4 PlayStation Camera, pretty much all PSVR games are backwards-compatible with the PS5, and given the upgraded visuals on offer from the PS4 Pro, it’s not hard to imagine another jump in performance when running on the PS5 – even if it’s only down to faster loading times thanks to the ultra-fast SSD.

Most other PS4 accessories are also compatible with the PS5 without the need for an adapter, including the DualShock 4 controller, although in that case, it’ll only be compatible with PS4 and PSVR games. You’ll need to use the upgraded DualSense controller for PS5 titles.

For more information on the next-gen console, take a look at the latest PS5 news.