Among Us is a multiplayer game from InnerSloth that is exploding in popularity right now. Players form groups of crewmates who work together to discover who the imposters are within the group. Meanwhile, the imposters are trying to kill all the crewmates on board whilst not getting found out and subsequently eliminated.

If you’d like download and play the game for yourself without paying a penny, then there is an easy solution to this. We also have similar explainer articles for Fall Guys, including how to identify if the Fall Guys severs are down and whether the game is coming to Xbox and Switch.

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How to download Among Us for free

The only thing you’ll need to download Among Us for free is a device with either iOS or Android – so a phone or a tablet that runs on either of these OS systems. Here’s the links to download Among Us on both iOS and Android:

Once you’ve downloaded the game, all you need to do is open it up, choose whether you want to play locally (with people using your home WiFi) or online, and then set up or join a lobby.

If you have friends playing on a different system (or on Steam on PC), then don’t fret. Among Us supports crossplay, so you can play with friends or strangers at home on local play, or across the web.

Can I download Among Us for free on PC?

The PC variant of the game sadly isn’t free and is only available to download on Steam for PC. However, at £3.99/US$4.99, it won’t break the bank and is certainly worth the switch if you’re wanting to stream the game online on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming.

Those who have Xbox Game Pass for PC will be getting the game soon within their plan at no additional cost. 

In addition, you can play with a keyboard and mouse on the PC variant, meaning you'll be able to click quicker which will provide a better gaming experience overall. 

Can I download Among Us for free on Nintendo Switch?

The Switch variant of the game is also not free. Among Us on the Switch costs £3.89/US$5, and can be purchased from the Nintendo Online Store. In addition, players will need a Nintendo Switch Online membership if they want to play online with friends.