Camera straps are a very good idea. After all, you don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a brand new DSLR only to watch it slip from your hands and smash into a thousand tiny pieces. Choosing the right one can be tricky though as there are so many different designs and materials on offer. If you're the crafty type (that's good with your hands rather than sly with the truth) then it's incredibly easy to make your own strap in about two minutes.

It's also a good trick to know if you're ever out and your strap suddenly snaps. Photographic triage here we come.  

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How to make a camera strap: What you'll need

A strap is one of the simplest DIY projects you can attempt, especially this one we've put together. You don't need any special skills, sewing prowess, or welding googles. Just find an old scarf and a couple of hairbands.

That's it. We told you it was simple.

how to make your own camera strap

How to make a camera strap: Putting it all together

Take one of the hairbands and feed it halfway through the camera strap hooks on the side of your camera. Then fold back the lower loop and pull it up through the higher one.

how to make your own camera strap

Pull it nice and tight so that you have a big loop sticking out at the top. Then do the same on the other hook.

make your own camera strap

That's half of the work done. Next up - attaching the scarf.

To do this you just feed the end of the scarf through one of the loops then tie a knot in the scarf when it's at your desired length. You should do a few test runs first to see exactly where you need the knot to be.

how to make your own camera strap

Repeat the process with the remaining end of the scraf threaded through the other loop.

how to make your own camera strap

And now you have your very own DIY camera strap.

make your own camera strap

Be sure to tie those knots good and tight, we don't want any accidents, then head out into the world assured that your photographic adventures won't end in disaster.