How to buy 20th anniversary PS4 limited edition

As you might know, Sony has announced a special limited edition of the PlayStation 4 and here's how you can buy a 20th anniversary PS4 console online. See alsoPS4 vs Xbox One.

To celebrate 20 years since the original launch of the PlayStation Sony has made a version of the PS4 in the original grey colour. It sold out in the US and although a number were sold at a pop-up shop in Shoreditch for just £19.94 (the year of the PS One launch), you can now get your hands on one via GAME for £399.

It's not as simple as walking into the shop with your credit card, though, so here's how to get one online. Sony has only made 12,300 so good luck.

How to buy a 20th anniversary edition PS4 console

Step One

The first thing you need to do is follow @PlayStationUK and/or @GAMEDigital on Twitter.

Step Two

Head to and bookmark and study the images as clues will be tweeted relating to the characters. There is a magnifying glass function which you'll want to make use of.

Step Three

Stay tuned to those Twitter accounts at the times below when a clue will be posted using the hashtag #20YearsOfCharacters.

- Monday 4pm
- Tuesday 5pm
- Wednesday 2pm
- Thursday 8am
- Friday 12pm

Step Four

Solve the clue as quickly as possible and when you have, head back to the page of characters and find the one it relates to. Zoom in until you see blue cross and click it on it. If you are right you'll be given a link which will take you to a secret website by GAME.

Note: Refresh the page for the link to appear properly.

Step Five

On the secret page fill out the form and pray that you're one of the first 100 to do so. These quick to to mark people will receive an email from GAME within 24 hours with details on how to buy your PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Console.

Note: GAME cannot ship the PS4 console outside the UK and even if you're not one of the first 100, everyone who fills out the form will be entered into a daily prize draw to win a console.