The browser extension Netflix Party – which allows users to stream TV and movies together – has now been rebranded as Teleparty. Besides being compatible with Netflix, Teleparty now also works with Disney Plus, and Hulu and HBO Max for US viewers.  

In addition, as well as staying as a Google Chrome extension, the add-on is also now downloadable on Microsoft Edge browsers as well. The red ‘N’ that previously sat in your extensions will now show up as a red ‘TP’ to reflect the change. It is also still completely free to download, and available internationally.  

The process for hosting watch parties is the same across all platforms, though users on Hulu and HBO Max will have adverts within their shared streams. The extension is only available on desktop browser – you won’t be able to download an app version, which means no watching on mobiles or tablets.  

It's also worth remembering that Disney+ and Hulu each have their own watch party functionality, as does Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer, so if you're using one of those services you might be better off using the built-in tools.

How to download Teleparty and host a watch party

If you want to host a watch party on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu or HBO, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Head to and select ‘Install Teleparty’.
    How to start a Teleparty
  2. This will take you to your browser's extension page – select ‘Add to Chrome/Microsoft Edge’.
    Add Teleparty to Chrome
  3. You'll now see a red TP in your extensions list – pin the extension to your toolbar.
    How to start a Teleparty
  4. Head to Netflix, Disney+, HBO or Hulu and click on the extension.
    Start the Teleparty
  5. Start the party, and select whether you want sole control over playback controls.
    How to start Netflix Watch Party
  6. Copy the URL and send to those you wish to join the watch party - they must have an account with the streaming service. They should click on the link and select the red ‘TP’ extension to join.
    Teleparty link
  7. You should now see your friends in the chat window for the watch party – and depending on your settings, you or all the group will be able to control playback. 

Note that Teleparty only supports text chat. If you wish to voice chat alongside, you’ll need third-party software such as Messenger, Skype, Discord, WhatsApp or Google Meet running separately.  

If members of your group aren’t signed up for the service you want to watch, here’s what each of them cost, along with links to sign up: 

Both Hulu and HBO Max are sadly US-exclusive, but there are ways to watch both Hulu outside of America, and HBO Max in the UK.  You can also check out our roundup of the best TV streaming services to see which has the best value for money.