A modern classic rom-com is the perfect lockdown Valentine's Day evening movie to watch. Here's where you can watch it online.

The 2004 film starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is a real heart-warming tear-jerker. If you haven't seen it, we don't want to spoil it but Duke is reading a story to an old woman who has dementia.

It's the tale of Noah, a working-class man, who meets vacationing wealthy 17 year-old Allie Hamilton at a carnival in the 1930s. They fall in love but Allie's parents don't approve and move away to New York with her. Noah writes to her daily for years but the letters go undelivered.

Noah buys a house he once showed her and promised to restore which Allie sees in a newspaper article. By this point, she is engaged to a suiter but is torn and wishes to see Noah again.

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Where to stream The Notebook online

If you're looking to stream The Notebook then it's available on Netflix. That's not technically free but if you're a subscriber then you can watch at no extra cost.

If you want to watch in sync with someone in a different house you can use the Netflix Party.

Rent or buy the digital version

Not looking to sign up to Netflix? Well, you can rent or purchase The Notebook in its digital format.

There are plenty of places you can rent it in HD online for £3.49 including Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, Microsoft, Sky Store and Chili.

If you're going to watch the film many times then consider buying it for £7.99 from those same suppliers via the same links.

Buy the DVD

The cheapest option is to buy The Notebook on DVD, if you have something to play it on and can wait for it to arrive in the post.

Amazon has it for £2.99 or you can get it on Blu-ray for £7.

Rent the DVD for free

There’s also a way to lease The Notebook DVD for free. Cinema Paradiso is a DVD rental subscription service which offers a 30-day free trial.