Finally, a brand new Halloween film is here. Halloween Kills picks up after Laurie Strode, her daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson left the killer Michael Myers burning in the basement.

The trio believed that the monster was dead, but somehow he managed to escape. Now they must team up with survivors of Michael’s first rampage to stop him, once and for all.

The horror film is out now both in cinemas and on the NBC streaming service, Peacock – which currently is only available in the US. If you’re in the UK and are wondering how to watch it both in cinemas and at home, then we have everything you need to know.

When does Halloween Kills release?

Halloween Kills is out now - you can get hyped with the official trailer below:

Where to buy Halloween Kills cinema tickets

You can get cinema tickets for Halloween Kills from the likes of Cineworld, Odeon, Vue, Showcase, Empire and Picturehouse

How to watch Halloween Kills on Peacock in the UK

Halloween Kills is also out now on Peacock for streaming, though the site is exclusive to the US. 

Whilst it’s not impossible to get access to Halloween Kills on Peacock in the UK, it is quite difficult. You’ll need a good VPN, either an iPhone or Android device and a PayPal account. It’s a similar method to what we use for watching HBO Max from abroad.

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose your VPN. There’s lots of options out there, but our top recommendations are NordVPN, Surfshark and ExpressVPN – all offer competitive pricing, good performance and a decent range of servers.

You can take a look at further recommendations in our list of the best VPNs for streaming.

How to register your payment details on Peacock US

We successfully managed to create a Peacock Premium account using an Android phone and ExpressVPN

  • Launch your VPN on your iOS/Android device and connect to a US server
  • Create a new Apple ID/Google Play account in your browser that's tied to the US
  • Register your new account on your iOS/Android device app store
  • You should now have access to the US app store - download and install the Peacock app
  • If you don’t have access to the US app store, sign into your VPN on your PC and send the app to your phone via the web
  • Tap 'skip' if the app store asks you to add payment information to your account
  • Create a new account in the Peacock with your new email address and a password
  • Use PayPal as your method of payment (this can be a UK account)
  • Once your account is verified, you can sign in from any device
  • Click on Halloween Kills and watch away!


During testing, I noticed that the Play Store did not change to the US version, even when creating a new account.

The way to get round this is by connecting to a VPN on the PC, signing into the Google Play Store US website, searching for the Peacock app and sending it to your phone (whilst still connected to the VPN).

Peacock install confirmation

We have had reports of people not being able to install US streaming apps on iOS as the app store forces users to register their payment details within the app store, and doesn't accept UK PayPal if you try to register with this account.

If this happens to you, we recommend purchasing US App Store credit via a digital gift card - which can be added as a US payment option.

This can be bought from places such as Amazon US, though there are other retailers available - you'll need a website that allows you to pay with UK bank details.

If you set your email address as the recipient, the code to redeem the money will be sent to your inbox. When you come to add the payment information, select 'redeem gift card or code', and you should be able to add the money as credit on your account.

With this, you should then be able to sign up for a Peacock account to watch Halloween Kills - and you should be able to change your payment information back to your UK PayPal via the website to avoid having to pay for a new gift card every single time.

Will Halloween Kills release on UK VOD services?

Halloween Kills won’t be getting a simultaneous UK streaming release once it hits Peacock. It likely won’t be available to rent/buy until at least a few months after its initial cinematic debut.