The European Championship tournament is finally here – making it Euro 2021 really – and you can watch selected games in 4K Ultra HD quality in the UK via BBC iPlayer, including England vs Ukraine.

Here’s which games have been chosen and what hardware and software you need to see those crisp blades of grass on the pitch. You can also watch Wimbledon in 4K Ultra HD.

Are Euro 2020 games broadcast in 4K?

Despite years of trials, neither the BBC (nor ITV) are broadcasting in native 4K resolution. That's a shame, but you can still watch the Euros in Ultra HD (another way of saying 4K) thanks to the BBC iPlayer app. You’ll need a compatible TV or streaming device and a fast enough internet connection.

First of all, check your wired or wireless internet speed is at least 24Mbps for the full 3840p or 12Mbps for 2560p.

BBC also says “For the full effect, you'll need an HDR TV that supports HLG.” with HLG (hybrid log gamma) being the standard of HDR the iPlayer is using. Check your TV specs to see if it’s supported.

More importantly, you’ll need a compatible device to watch UHD streams on iPlayer. There are far too many to list here so head to the BBC site and search for your TV or streamer model. Supported TVs include Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Hisense, Panasonic and more.

Streamers include Amazon Fire TV, Humax, Netgem, Roku and Virgin Media. Note that Sky Q is not supported.

Once you open the iPlayer on a compatible device, check the video quality is set to ‘Best Quality’ in the settings menu.

Watch iPlayer abroad

Remember that if you’re watching outside the UK then you can use a VPN (virtual private network) to make your device browse from a UK IP address and still use the iPlayer. We recommend NordVPN but you can check out our Best VPN chart for more options.

Which Euro 2020 games are in 4K?

Here’s the full list of games the BBC is showing in Ultra HD on the iPlayer for Euro 2021.

  • 11 July - 8pm - Engand vs Italy